Digesting the Consequences

Facebook Monday, October 28, 2008.

Mandie (l) and Mabel (r). I miss them!

I prefer cats as household pets. Dogs are wonderful and loving, but when it came time to have a fur-ball of my own, I chose cats. Some of this might be genetic – my mom preferred cats as well. She’s owned 3 cats since she graduated from high school: Gooky, Lucy, and now Molly. Upon moving to Indiana, I reluctantly gave away Mandie and Mabel – don’t worry, they are being spoiled, and I’m on the lookout for some new fur-ball company.

When I lived with the Sanfords for 6 months, I was introduced to two other cats– Big Boy and Fuzzy– who would not start their day until wet food appeared in their bowls. I preferred to feed my cats dry food – it’s easy to leave out, less expensive, and less messy. It wasn’t until I was charged with “canned food duty”, that I realized my disdain for wet food and its spiritual significance.

Each morning, 9 in all, I cracked open the cans of beef, chicken, or seafood; split the mushed meat cake between two bowls; and grimaced in disgust. I could never do this fast enough for the cats. On my third morning or so of this ritual and half way through holding back my ever increasing gag reflux, I realized that most of the contents of some of these cans actually look like an edible beef or chicken chunky gravy. The first smell lets me know that something is awry with the can’s concoction, but I can still tolerate the food’s presence. Yet, once I dug in the spoon to scoop out the meaty mucilaginous mixture, I know this is not meant for me.

I began to wonder as I scooped out the food morning by morning, how many times I have opened myself up to bad theology or doctrine, only to find it’s not the real thing. Groups, organizations, and schools will say they are based on Christian principles or their desire is to honor Jesus Christ; their desire and purpose might be pure, but their actions are not. The label is attractive, it even looks like something I should taste, yet dig in beyond that and I’m sorry I even picked it up. I pity the person that would actually taste, ingest, and allow the kitty concoction to be spread through their being. You don’t have to taste something to know it is horrible.

Will not a diet that is pure allow me to recognize faster the things I shouldn’t eat? I found this out in February when I began lessening my consumption of sugar substitutes and fake fats which subsequently took out non-dairy coffee creamer. About a month later, I was faced with a decision: straight black or fake everything Vanilla Caramel? Within 20 minutes, the monstrous headache and the rest of my body told me I should have taken it black. To whom do I trust my “thought diet”: the comics, random commentators, or the Creator of the World?

Popular world views have told our American culture to be open-minded, let each person believe for himself, and make life as easy as possible for you without consideration of others. The message of “tolerance” and “open-mindedness” should not lead to one’s brains falling out. To quote from a book title: Ideas have consequences.

Just some food for thought.



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