Hazel Shank and I become Best Friends

What can I say? I’m reliving my glory days of Facebook notes, and one of these days I’ll catch up and actually say what’s been going on in 2011 instead of 2009. I’m getting there, but until I get “there”, I’m “here” and you get to read about cake.

The saga for class #3 actually started earlier in the week. I had finally made the decision on which flavor to bake which was mostly inspired by a bottle of mint extract that has sat lonely in my cupboard for quite sometime. I have no idea why I originally bought the mint flavor, but knowing that something chocolate is always better with a compliment, I didn’t hesitate to add it in liberally. I made the mint icing on Tuesday, saving the cake baking for Thursday.

After 6 hours at The Bakehouse and another 3 ½ teaching, I wanted to not concern myself with baking. However, after last week’s frosting rush, I felt it prudent to attempt preparedness. About 9 PM I had finished eating and internet surfing and was arranging ingredients for mixing. This was a feat in itself as my sink and counters were already over-run with dishes.

In getting out the ingredients, I suddenly realize that I have zero eggs in my fridge. I also decide that I want to make a home-made fudge sauce for in between the layers which required more corn syrup than I had on hand. I was tempted to buy a cake mix in order that my life would be easier. Alas, I left Kroger with only eggs and corn syrup, then decided to give “Hazel Shank’s Chocolate Cake” a try, as that will be the chocolate recipe I will use for the wedding. There is more that occurred on Thursday night regarding the cake size, but I’ll spare you all those details. I’ll just say that having a recipe for two 10-inch cakes and when I only possess two 9-inch pans makes it hard to know how to adjust the amount of batter in each pan. Thankfully, a loaf pan was handy for the excess.

I need to invest in some Baker’s Joy. Buttering and flouring the cake pans is getting old.

Friday after work, I was yet again tired, check that, exhausted. Though I set my alarm to allow me a one hour nap, I took two and was thus rushed getting to class…again. However, all my icing from last week could be recycled. I had all my tips, yea! I had all my plastic and parchment bags, yea! I left my icing spatulas at home after I specifically washed them for class, DOH!

In class #3, we learned how pipe shells, make two types of flowers, character faces and 3-D clowns.

Here are the star flowers:

And swirl flowers:

Um…clown heads by themselves are a bit on the freaky side:

Oh, that’s better:

The only two things not on my cake are the shells and character faces – I wasn’t feeling inspired by either of them – and for the faces, I also didn’t have any black icing as the store was out. It was my plan to buy some right before class…apparently that was other people’s plan as well.

So, here is Hazel Shank’s Chocolate Cake with Mint Icing. I’m working on my phobia of thick icing, and I’m having to realize this is cake decorating, not cake “I’m-imposing-my-caloric-views- on-you.” Last week’s cake didn’t have any edges showing through, nor was the top icing so lop-sided.

At least with the cupcakes next week, I’ll just have a large bag and a pastry tip. I hope that will be easier.


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