The Misadventures of Cupcakes, Frosting, and “Ice”ing: Part I

I’m coming up on the two year anniversary of the events from this three part series. I thought it would provide some nice holiday humor. Enjoy!

I have a “one-butt kitchen.” These kitchens are ideal for people that just need to reheat the freezer meals; not people that need to make 2 dozen sugar cookies, 200+ cupcakes, a half-sheet cake, approximately 2 gallons of icing, and angel food cake for three events in three days.

I knew that I would be busy from December 12 until Christmas. I had a Canadian visitor for 4 days during the second weekend of December; that is a post all in itself that will probably never actually post. As I said to several friends needing a quick summary: the visit went as I expected, not as I had hoped. So after about 36 hours to recover from that blur of activity and decision making, I had cookies, cupcakes and two birthday cakes to make.

I would first like to post “Exhibit A,” which is my kitchen set up.Really, is there any kitchen that is amazingly organized before marathon baking? Yes, the ironing board held extra ingredients. “Exhibit B” is the other side. This is during the Chocolate Guinness mixing. Two years ago, I was given a pastry board. Did you know, Reader, that a pastry board over a sink adds an instant 2 feet of needed counter space and covers up the dirty dishes for a time? Thanks, Cleveland Boy, you made life easier for me!

Thursday night, I had a Hulu queue to whittle down; so I made a plan of attack list and tried to get my recipes and ingredients in order. I couldn’t find some of my recipes. Panic. I called my mom, who had the original copies, and was assured that by the time I needed the Carrot Cake and Buttermilk Spice recipes, I would have them. Mothers are amazing. I also made about 4 batches of White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing and the sugar cookie dough. Bed time: approximately 2:30 AM.

Friday morning: I think I was up by 7:30-8. Unlike my last cupcake adventure, I only needed to do about one batch of each cupcake flavor. Probably should have done the carrot cake first. Oh well. Sugar cookies were rolled and cut during “White Christmas” along with the batch of Chocolate Guinness.

Some of the cookies got a little crispy. Whoops!

“Elf” then took over during the Red Velvet and German Chocolate. Paula Deen has yet to fail me with her cupcakes. And just so you know, they don’t rise and splatter like the carrot cake, so go ahead and make 24 per batch like the recipe says rather than 30. I decided to switch gears with the movies and watch “We Were Soldiers.” I’ll save you the long version, but I’ll just say, I needed a cathartic stress-relieving crying session and seeing young men die in a horrendous conflict while their wives struggled at home provided me the emotional liberation. Finished the German Chocolate and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip.

About the time I started the Buttermilk Spice batter, The Frau and The Cantor showed up at my doorstep with REAL food. They knew I was going to be covered in sugar, that my apartment was a state of chaos, and that my brain would be as worn as my muffin tins. And yet, that’s the joy of friends. You just love each other because you can. The Cantor volunteered The Frau as my Nashville travel buddy and cupcake assistant. You’ll read in the next installations why this was a good voice for The Cantor to hear and heed.

After they departed, I set the cupcake batter in the fridge, and spruced myself up as much as possible for the Melody Music Shop Holiday party. I grabbed the sugar cookies, my cake decorating supplies, and the 10 pound bowl of White Chocolate Frosting. Here are some of those results:

Yea, Melody Music Shop cookie decorators!

Returning home, I first needed to find a picture of a classical guitar with cut-out which I was able to trace from my computer screen onto parchment paper. I popped in “The Apartment,” and proceeded to make the last batch of cupcakes, the 18×24 half-sheet Lenten cake and begin the Wilton Buttercream Icing for the large cake.

18×24 “half-sheet.”

Three batches of Lenten Chocolate Cake are perfect for this size, just in case you ever need that much cake.

On a side note, it was very odd to watch Fred McMurray play a sleezy CEO who would divorce his wife for Shirley McLain, who then dumps him for Jack Lemmon. Oh well. I did a last minute “stuff for the morning” list and was in bed by, drum roll please: 12:30!!!

Next up: I need a delivery crew.


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