Misadventures…Part II: Nashville

Read Part I first, if you haven’t already.

Before I went to bed on Friday night, this is what I saw in the mirror:

Notice the powdered sugar on one cheek and chocolate cake batter under the eye along with an expression that says, “I enjoy exhausting myself!”

Up at about 6:45, moving by 7, I suddenly realized that I forgot to COUNT all the cupcakes, just to be safe. I had 186, which met the guest-to-cupcake ratio requirement, but I felt a need to bake a batch of whatever I could make the quickest. Paula Deen won. I scramble for everything else to be ready, call The Frau, who offers to buy me coffee and surprises me with breakfast a la Starbucks. And after a hustle and bustle, we are on the road about 45 minutes later than I intended. In my initial estimation of when to leave, I calculated according to the time the wedding ceremony began AND intentionally left out the time zone change. Thank God I did!

Ten minutes outside of Bloomington on IN-46 Eastbound, during the first minutes of a slushy snow, I make sure that I am not going faster than the posted 55 MPH. A curve that I underestimate is suddenly very slippery, and after a 360 in the road, a close encounter with a guard rail and that slo-mo feel, The Frau and I are at a stop, in a ditch, and there is NO WAY we are pushing the car out.

We quickly give thanks to God and the intercessory prayers of the Saints. Frau calls The Cantor with the words, “Well, ehem, first of all, everyone is okay.”

I call a tow truck; we take pictures.

The back wheel is at least 18 inches off the ground.

Within two minutes, another car does a 180 in the same spot that I started skidding. We decide that behind my car is the safest place on the roadside. A sheriff arrives and offers us a spot in his back seat, no handcuffs people. About 30 minutes later, The Frau is in town with The Cantor getting his car ready for the Nashville trip and the tow truck is getting my car out. I was actually able to drive it back into town even with a noticeable wobble in the front driver’s side. Car is dropped off for inspection, cupcakes, frosting, and supplies are transferred, and Frau drives the entire way to Nashville.

Cupcake Assistant Extraordinaire!

We made it there between 2 and 2:30 CST. Cupcakes are promptly escorted to the tables where I fill my pastry bag. After a short chat on which cupcakes get which décor, we plated, I frosted and Frau dusted and doted on the cupcakes.


I must say that the 18-inch pastry bag was such a relief to have this time around as opposed to the 12-inch that I used in October. My forearms were about ready to die from squeezing out the thick frosting, but not having to stop after 10-12 cupcakes to refill a small bag was well worth it!

We were packing up when the announcement was made that the wedding ceremony was finished and people were on their way. I rinsed what was necessary, got everything into the car, and asked The Frau if Noshville Deli sounded good for dinner. She concurred.

Oh, was it tasty.

On the drive home, we chatted more about life, lessons I learned from the Canadian visitor, and just shared fun and random times in our lives. It was only in the last 30 minutes of a 12+ hour adventure that we had some silent moments. I dropped her off between 11 and 11:30; apologized profusely to The Cantor for putting his wife’s life in danger and headed out the door. I still had Sunday’s order to complete.

Next up: My first all-nighter since 2001…


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