I’ve posted before about some of the hilarious things that happen at my workplace which can be loaded with personal stress. I definitely have some other life experiences to essay and undertake on here, but I wanted to get in this quick story before it loses its hilarity.

Fridays are one of two days my boss gets a full on shower (nightly sponge baths occur on non-shower days). I was getting towels and other items set out and ready while my boss was watching TV and working on his computer. In anticipation for the time when he will be unable to use a mouse, my boss has hooked up “command central.” This is a tray mounted to his wheel chair – the top side houses a laptop, the bottom side is a mess of a circuit board, USB hub, USB cords, and other random electric cords that yours truly got to hook all together and secure with plastic zip ties and duct tap my first week on the job. The laptop connects to both his power chair and a TV remote which gives him everything a man needs for watching football: the ability to put his feet up and possess the remote control.

I left him and his mom in the living room and proceeded to prepare the bathroom. Suddenly I hear multiple “thuds” and “What are you doing?” and “Oops.” I race out to see him still pushing a TV tray into the wall and various items scattered on the floor. My boss had decided that he needed to turn his chair in order to line up the remote with the TV so he could turn it off. Except he had the speed on the highest setting and didn’t have a kill switch in place. Also, once he moved about 6 inches, his hand came off the mouse and he lost control of everything. Thus his effort to nudge his chair ever so slightly to the right resulted in him traveling about 5 feet and attempting to run through a wall. His mom and I get everything back together, and thankfully, there was only a minor surface scrape on his shin along with a hit to his pride.

Once the living room was somewhat back together, he says to me,

“Hey, would you reach to the side of the TV and shut it off? (pause) I probably should have done that to begin with.”

Me: “Yep, but you wanted to use your gadget.”

Him: (smirk)

His wife was resting at the time and heard the commotion. She continued to relax, knowing that if it was something serious, we would get her.

Lessons learned:

  • Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean it is always the best solution.
  • Test drives and beta versions are extremely important.


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