Feeling “Un-Valentine”?

I have to add my two cents on the day where blog posts consist of:

  1. We’re engaged and know everything about relationships
  2. OMG, I just had the best date ever!!!!
  3. Bitter and jaded Valentine’s Day rant
  4. Sprinkles, hearts, candy, balloons, cupcakes – girlish dreams of the day.

I’m attempting to be an encouragement. Mostly this encouragement is for myself, and as I share, then hopefully others navigating their complex feelings towards a random holiday in February will have lifted spirits as well.

I am thankful for married friends/family who allow me to see an accurate picture of relationships.

Several years ago, my sister shared on her blog (which I think is now inactive) on how she and my brother-in-law just didn’t have luck with Valentine’s day – the only exception being the one where he proposed. Even then, I don’t think that all went plan perfect. In both Kansas and Indiana, I have been privileged to be close friends with married couples that are open about the benefits and struggles of marriage. I see them be real with one another. I hear them disagree and work out conflict. I see them serve each other. Their lives are a far cry from any romantic comedy and much more refreshing to watch.

I appreciate the fun I have with my friends

In high school, my group of friends drew names. It was required that we send something to school so that we had something to pick up. One year, I was sent on a school-wide scavenger hunt. And I enjoyed getting something for my “secret Valentine.” Then there are the college and post-college “appreciation” dinners from the guys in campus groups and church. And while I did pine for some individual attention, I was still given the opportunity to dress up, have a great meal, and laugh.

I appreciate anti-establishment activities

Anti-Valentine’s Day 2004. I still remember the cut-and-bake cookies that were smashed before eating while watching “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”  Tonight: wine, dessert, and homework at a friend’s apartment. Never wallow. It doesn’t have to be a woe-is-me day.

If you remember that St. Valentine was a martyr, well, it just makes our 21st Century celebrations laughable.

Really. Wikipedia to the rescue. A holiday to push an agenda of romantic love in order to sell any and all things heart-shaped and doused in red glitter. All because a devout, celibate Christian man stood up to an Emperor and was beheaded. Yep, that makes sense.

Have a great night.



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