Three Cake Weekend

I’m working on some current posts, but they involve some processing-before-publishing. Anyway, enjoy some pics and experiences from 2010 early summer!

As promised in my last note, which was grossly behind schedule, the next events in the cake decor saga culminated in a three cake weekend. It should have been a two cake weekend, but I misunderstood a request, therefore had an extra.

To share some unrelated, but fun, happenings: I found a genuine four leaf clover on the All Saints property! Katie still has it in one of her books, so I haven’t see it since shortly after the picture was taken, but here it is:

Cake Number One: Kirk

The Bakehouse was all abuzz as one of the managers celebrated a milestone birthday. I was told of plans to surprise Kirk with all sorts of messages and cake. What I was asked by a fellow manager was the best way to make the concept of “The Thinker” in cake. What I heard was, “Would you please make the cake that incorporates ‘The Thinker’?” Thus, Kirk was presented in the AM, after I stayed up late the night before, with two cakes – mine being the unnecessary one! Even more horrible, I kept thinking the day before, “I should call and see if I need to make this cake…I’m not sure if I was really asked or not.”

I didn’t snap a picture of the other cake. It was an absolutely lovely yellow sheet cake, cut out to the shape of the statue and frosted in delicious chocolate icing. The 3-D effect was great!

My cake was trusty “Hazel Shank’s Chocolate Cake” and chocolate icing. Since I had just learned some fondant concepts, I tried to incorporate the fondant to be some mason work while merely tracing the statue outline on top.

Cake Number Two: Baby Shower

Later that same day, I was to deliver a baby shower cake. Again, trying to incorporate my new fondant skills, I wanted to make a baby in a crib on top of baby blocks. I ended up with a decent crib, cake resembling baby blocks, and a lot of indecision on colors and icing tips that didn’t pay off. More on my philosophizing about cake later. Here’s what you really want, the picture:

Cake Number Three: The Frau

And last, it wasn’t just Kirk’s birthday, it was The Frau’s as well! This wasn’t really my cake. I just added some flair. The Cantor planned a low key drinks and dessert night for his wife, however, didn’t realize that he needed more advance warning to the bakery. So, he called me; glad to help….except, I wasn’t the happiest of friends during the call because I was so tired from my late night/early morning stint decorating the other two cakes, well, I just wanted to sleep! I told Richard to buy whatever cake he wanted, and I would doctor it up accordingly. He was at my door about 20 minutes later, and after finding room in my fridge for the cake, I promptly and sleepily booted him out the door and collapsed.

Later, after recovering from my stupor and lack of advance planning stupidity, I set to work on The Frau’s cake. Hm…I didn’t want to write either “Happy Birthday” or “Many Years” and she is a doctoral student and quite a few seek out her direct but gentle counsel, so I came up with:

A lovely Black and Tan Chocolate cake provided by The Bakehouse with a few embellishments.

While I acknowledged my lack of artistic direction early on in cake decorating, each cake is an opportunity for me to realize my need for more visual art training, specifically with 3-D. While these cakes were made in June 2010, I have recently been looking at opportunities near Bloomington where I can learn more art skills (i.e. with ceramics or other 3-D medium). Until then, maybe I should stick with cupcakes and designs that I’m not embarrassed in showing so that I don’t need the caveat of, “But it tastes good!”

So, thank you to all who have tasted so the less-than-wonderful art is quickly eaten away!



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