One of those days…

It’s been a day of cancellations for me. Today was the first time in almost 7 months that I haven’t needed to rise super early in order to open the bakery. I had hoped to enjoy my few extra hours of sleep, however, sleep isn’t coming easy to me these days. I’m super stressed about my Human Physiology mid-term next Monday (hence why you won’t be hearing from me for a while…..), thus once I am asleep, my brain appreciates the rest and doesn’t want to give up its Delta waves too easily.

However, I rose and tired to tidy up my house for a Lenten house blessing. This was supposed to be done before Lent began, yet {my schedule + my priest’s schedule + sudden illness = sudden cancellations}. So, after I had breakfast, vacuumed my entire house, and sat down for some studying, the message came: no house blessing. The words, “I KNEW IT!” came all too easily. Oh, well. I guess my house got vacuumed and I had about an hour’s worth of studying on the Endocrine system and various hormones. Try saying “Adrenocorticotropic hormone” five times!

I left for my semi-weekly counseling appointment and decided that I could have Starbucks make my AM cup of joe rather than myself. Lo and behold, I was the recipient of a “take this survey, get a free drink” coupon. Yet, it wasn’t until I was almost to her office that I got the call – my counselor was ill today. Hm….I guess I have another errand to run on the far west side of town. So I found my way to the Phi Theta Kappa adviser and not only got information regarding tomorrow’s induction ceremony but also helped her figure out why I wasn’t getting ANY of the chapter emails.

From there I went to teaching. I knew my list for the day would have some modifications, however I anticipated two students from 12-1. What I wasn’t prepared for was that both students no-called-no-showed. Seriously!?!?!? On the ONE day I’m NOT running late, get to the store early to warm up my voice and my fingers, NONE of my morning students show. Yet, while I was waiting the extra hour, I got some more studying done on action potential and the Neuro-Muscular junction.

So, I’m now in my known break for the day. Taking time to relax, getting out some frustrations via blogging, and breathing long enough to realize that the sudden schedule changes have been a blessing.

Because of sudden changes that I didn’t know of with a 12 hour warning:

  • My house (top and bottom) got a much needed vacuum.
  • I remembered to stop by an adviser’s office that I would have forgotten
  • I got a free drink from Starbucks. Hey, sometimes going corporate ain’t all that bad.
  • I was able to start the scholarship search process for my college transfer. While not promising, it’s at least a start.
  • If my day had gone as anticipated, I would be 1.5-2 hours behind on studying.

As much as I want to remain grumpy, I am at a loss to remain that way. My face isn’t a humongous grin, but it’s at peace. I’m thankful that God didn’t use his figurative or literal 2×4 to whack me into shape. He just nudged me throughout these first 8 hours and said, “I know what you need.”

And, since we are now in Lent, The Church has started saying the prayer of St. Ephrem the Syrian:

O Lord and Master of my life, give me not the spirit of sloth, idle curiosity, lust for power and idle talk.

But grant unto me, Thy servant, a spirit of chastity, humility, patience and love.

Yea, O Lord and King, grant me to see mine own faults and not to judge my brother. For blessed art Thou unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Opportunities for humility and patience abounded so far, and the day is not yet done.



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