Catching up…

Yep, it’s been hectic around here again, folks. So, here’s another oldie while I continue studying. At least my mid-terms turned out well. I got A’s on both my Statistics and Physiology tests – much needed points for the rest of the semester. So, I’m off to my cloistered dining room with some tea where I will attempt to ignore the pile of dishes in my sink. Until a new update:


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Blah. It gets exhausting not only making the tasty cake, but then to design it, take pictures, and write about my foibles for you all takes an act of sheer energy resilience. That and the overwhelming nature of life at this point have prevented me from showing my delicious experiments.

I refrain from calling my cakes and baked goods “works of art” because I still feel like I’m producing works more akin to a child’s coloring book.

I left off with the Lazarus Saturday cakes, so here are the three events that came next.

First up: PASCHA! (aka: Greek Easter or Orthodox Easter)

I had to use up cream cheese and frozen blueberries. Enter Blueberry Cheesecake bars.

Cheesecake bars before baking

I then decided that Pot de Crème needed an appearance. 40 days with no eggs or dairy gives one a craving for something made with cream and egg yolks. It was a delightful way to proclaim through a feast that “Christ is Risen!”

Almost ready to whisk! Pot de Creme is my new specialty go-to dish.

While not a cake, it was still a baking adventure and something for me to keep in mind if I want to lean more the way of “tasty baked goods” rather than “artistic cake design.”

Second: Hey, Help us make a cake, please!
The following week, I ended up helping some friends decorate a cake their mother’s (and mother-in-law’s) birthday.

Not the best decorating, however, it did show me a few things:
1. All those royal icing flowers that I dutifully made came in handy! They were a great way to add décor and flair on a moment’s notice.
2. Non-traditional borders are fantastic! Rather than a shell, star, bead or dot border, I used my leaf tip and went to town. No exact formula needed…just me being my random self…probably what I should stick with from now on!

Evaluating the cake, I probably should have attached the flowers to the side with an arc shape spray bouquet on top. Oh well, chalk it up to lessons learned. Either way, I was told the cake was delicious, which is the most important anyway!

Third: Niece’s Birthday

I called dibs on this cake as soon as the date was nailed down for my family’s May Reunion. My niece, Bethany, celebrated her first birthday at the end of April; thus this provided me a way to show my family a little of what I had learned the past year. I knew my decorating would be somewhat limited to my mother’s cake supplies, but then again, I had also been up since 3:30 AM EST (2:30 AM CST), so I kept things as simple as possible!

God Bless My Mother! She and I mutually agreed that I would have an easier day if she made the cake beforehand. No wonder professional cake decorators seem less stressed than me! One: they know what they are doing. And two: they have people bake the cakes for them well in advance of their slicing and icing.

My oldest niece, Naomi, was a bigger fan of Bethany’s birthday than anyone else…including Bethany! She was a great promoter of party hat wearing, singing, and even gave me a few instructions on the icing colors. My sister directed me towards a website for design ideas but I forgot the address and she forgot to send it to me. I came up with the borders, writing and polka dots all by myself!

In the end, the most important opinions and evaluations came from these faces:



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