An Adult First….

So, after my last post about my newest Jeep obsession, I thought about things a bit. I went about my days at school and work, which was rather busy…whew! Now that Spring Break is over, all of my students are back from their travels or health-induced absences. My Thursday is back to its old self!  On Friday, I get to my Home Aid job and hit the ground running. My boss had a temp and possible infection this week, so there has been extra laundry and cleaning to do. I got through most everything with enough time to be let go early. Since I had about 1 1/2 hours before I needed to be at the Akathist service, I decided to test drive the Jeep that has been catching my eye every day.

My thoughts on this adult first:

  • As for the Jeep experience as a whole, it was kind of fun. The more I was in the vehicle, the more I wanted to have a single-girl car. I wasn’t expecting a quiet ride nor amazing steering. It was just a fun ride on a beautiful day!
  • As for the car salesman: Don’t call me “Honey”, ever! You had to get a copy of my driver’s license, you can see that my name is “Laura” – use that name or “Miss (last name)” until further notice. I know it’s a Jeep; I’m not expecting it to be anything like my Saturn, which is why I wanted a test drive before considering it further.
  • Other than the salesman, another downer to the experience include: the Jeep taking a while to get started and even stopping after having gone for about a mile. Some of this was due to the owner having issues with gas-stealing, however, it still was a ding in the experience.
  • There’s also the issue of price. One frustrating thing is that between NADA, Edmunds, and Kelley Blue Book, I’m getting a discrepancy in what the price should be. Some of this is very likely due to me not getting all the specs on the vehicle – all I know is that it’s an automatic transmission with 180,000 miles. In my inexperience, I guess there’s more to look at that I should have asked about.
  • I will be moving to Indianapolis this fall for school. My first thought was “This would be great for pulling a trailer behind me up Hwy 37!” Second thought was, “Hmmmm….open top in winter and easy to break into no matter what season.” It would mean that I could no longer keep ANYTHING secured in my vehicle, but then again, that is one way to keep your car clean. Just some considerations.

Game plan from here:

  1. Save $$$
  2. Still maintain interest in a Jeep but look around at other makes and models.
  3. Test drive other cars
  4. Don’t go to that dealer again. Ever.


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