The Car Saga Closes…

Approximately 6 hours after my last post, I was handed yet another bump in the road: car issues. This is why I haven’t posted in 2 weeks. I apologize for not being blogger-extraordinaire.

I’m hard pressed to think of anything more frustrating than car troubles. It doesn’t merely represent a financial burden or an inconvenience. There is a sense of loss of my independence. That with no car to get me around an incredibly inconvenient town, I am stuck. Having a broken down car also means that I have to (yet again!) take care of myself. I was already having a high-low day: some incredibly nice and random person bought my coffee that afternoon, it was pretty outside, yet I was feeling lonely and out of control. I had yet to hear about nursing school and my 30th birthday 2 months away was impending doom rather than an end of an era. So, I now have to take care of a machine that I know little about.

If you haven’t guessed already, I cried. I was already at a friends’ house, so thankfully I wasn’t on the road when my car decided to exude massive amounts of white smoke while dumping most of the reservoir of radiator fluid on the ground. I got the car turned off and made a few quick phone calls letting people know that I wouldn’t be joining them that evening along with arranging a ride to church.  KT fed me dinner once I confessed that most of my nourishment that day was coffee.

After dumping a quart of water into the radiator reservoir 1 1/2 to 2 hours later and successfully starting the car, we made it to the repair shop. I put my key in the drop box and went home. After church the next day, I was told I needed to wait for Monday’s mechanic who was more skilled with radiators.

I made it to work on Monday thanks to The Frau who loaned me her car. It was in mid-morning that I was given the final call: my car’s repairs were probably going to cost more than it was worth. I would definitely need a new engine, I was well-aware that the clutch needed to be replaced and several small electric things were unreliable. So, I went from kinda-sorta looking in car lots in order to make a purchase decision by the end of summer to earnestly looking in 3-4 states at used cars in order to make a purchase decision within a week.

I’ll try to get more of the saga, including my “first-time car buying tips”. Until then, here’s how the week ended:



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