DIY Project: Baking Extracts

I’ve been lost in the frenzy of summer, so please forgive me for the delay in postings.

Even with a limited and not-so-snazzy kitchen this summer, I have found some entertainment and joy in DIY Extracts.

First up was mint as I didn’t have a vanilla bean on hand but was blessed with an abundance of mint to use. Thus the mint won out.

Almost a year ago, someone brought over a bottle of vodka for a gathering and left it for my collection. For all the time it has been at my house, I’ve actually not been the one to drink it, but there was about 3/4 cup left in the bottle, so I adjusted this recipe. I had this beautiful sight curing in my fridge the past month:

Quite easy. No heating, no chopping. I did muddle the mint leaves with a wooden spoon in a measuring cup to ensure that they were sufficiently bruised. And I didn’t want my hands to eternally smell of mint.

After one month of curing in the fridge, I got this:

Next up was vanilla extract. I decided to get the cheapest bottle of vodka available because, let’s face it, it’s hard to have too much vanilla extract on hand. I was tempted to get bourbon instead, however, the grocery budget won out. Here’s what you do:

I chose to split the beans before dunking them in the vodka. It’s turning a lovely color. I misjudged the amounts of vanilla and vodka. According to one recipe, I should have used 7 (yes, SEVEN) vanilla beans for this amount of vodka. I guess we’ll find out at the end of the 30 days. Until then…



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