My Random Life

It’s funny how the things you need pop up in front of your face. Life has been a little weird and off kilter here for TRS, but in true form there is a burst of activity followed by me going, “What the….????”

Here was something that appeared on my Facebook feed a few weeks ago:

Then, later in the day, a fellow teacher says, “Hey, sing ‘Bad Romance’ with me. I’m going to accompany on the ukelele!”

Later, I detoxed from Lady Gaga a la ukelele with some Byzantine Chant – Chants from Balamand to be exact.

Oh, and last night this happened:

And just to clarify – what happened last night was the Divine Liturgy with me reading from Byz notation. I did not have a baby or try to make a baby. Sheesh.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the random awesomeness that is my life as much I have the past few weeks. TRS over and out.



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