End of the Week

I don’t know if these should be filed under “nursing student bloopers” or not. I’ll let you decide.

Friday afternoon is my assessment lab. We have lecture on Tuesdays, and while the lab portion is a separate grade, they at least match up the content. i.e. – Tuesday’s lecture: assessing skin, hair, nails; Friday’s lab: practice assessing skin, hair, nails. This means that we get information in all three learning styles at least twice in one week. Yay.

So, here’s what happened today:

Situation #1: Knowing that in an exam I will very likely have a check sheet, I brought an extra copy in to the exam and was looking off it as a guide.

Instructor: “Is that another copy of the sheet?”
Me (oblivious): “Yes.”
Instructor: “Turn it over.”
Me (guilty): “Oh, sorry.”

Situation #2: Before we can leave the lab, the manikins need to be placed back in the beds. Our lab is set up with an open area in the middle and 10 “triage” stations or bays with privacy pull curtains around the perimeter. Each bay has a hospital room type set up for the various skills we need to learn. Most rooms have a manikin that we can practice our bed-making, dressing changes, catheters (yes, they are anatomically correct…well, mostly) and other skills on.

In wanting to leave, I promptly went to bay #2, whisked the sheets back and tucked the hermaphroditic manikin into bed. One of my lab partners observed me and commented,
“I can tell you’re a mom by the way you did that.”
“I’m not a mom.”
Surprised, he responded, “You’re not?!?”

Internal TRS monologue: “Yes, I know I’m 30, so maybe it’s that I exude ‘mother of young child’ or maybe it’s that 5 of my friends had babies this year. Or maybe even a 20-year-old male can sense my uterus saying ‘Let me grow a new human already!!!!’ Or just take the compliment as it was intended….”

Then the discussion turned as to the difference in the Traditional versus Accelerated track, what my first degree was in, and why I left teaching.

Depressed, I now have an intense craving for cookies. Let’s see what I can conjure up.



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