I don’t know if being late is an American thing, a Mid-west thing, or just something chronically passed down through my family. I was told when I became Orthodox that being late was one of the ways I was “embracing my faith.”

Regardless of the reasoning, I’ve started an active consciousness towards being early and on-time. It’s rather sad that it took me until age 30 to realize why I should take this on, but alas, it’s when I started.

  1. Yes, I’m a people-pleaser, so I don’t like it when I’m a disappointment. But if my student/client has made this time for me, I should be there. Conversely, if I am the student/client, I want to start on time. I have other things before and after, they have a life outside of my time with them.
  2. I represent the other professionals. If someone’s frustration with music or nursing is based off my interaction, then that lack of appreciation and respect is my fault. Yes, it seems like a lot on my shoulders. But I can’t control others.
  3. It causes less strain on me: Coming in with 30 seconds to get ready only creates more stress. Even 5 minutes of set-up and prep can help the appointment or lesson go so much better.
  4. I get the seat I want in class. The worst class period for me thus far was when I got to class with 2 minutes to spare, but all the other over-achievers got there first. Lecture was less than exciting, it was right after lunch, and I was in one of the farthest seats from the professor. Snooze city.

Yes, it’s easier when you LIKE an activity or appointment to get there on time.

I had a complete fail in this category yesterday. I was late to an appointment because I couldn’t find a parking space; only later did I find out that I actually could park in a rather empty lot. I rescheduled for another time at which point I slept through my alarm, woke up 30 minutes after my appointment was to start. I guess that meeting just wasn’t to happen this week.

Today, however, I actually woke up with my morning alarm. Bandit was with me, so her stirring caused me to be semi-conscious between 6-7 AM. It was a lab day, so my clothing was already chosen (scrubs). I had most everything ready in my backpack and the coffee brewed rather quickly. Class was at 9, I was out the door at 8; I was out the door 35, thirty-five, minutes early.

Or, in the words of one of my classmates, “What are you doing here??”


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  1. S. Trevor Swenson
    Oct 12, 2012 @ 16:13:40

    Nice read. I am generally a prompt person. Inevitably life makes us late sometimes…traffic. life, other people etc.In these instances I call, tell whomever I am running late and apologize.
    What drives me crazy are the chronically late (VERY late) people who just don’t seem to give a damn about who they inconvenience, keep waiting around, or what have you. It is decidedly selfish and rude. Ever have a friend like this and no matter how you impress upon them that it is essential that they are on time…they are still late. I think it’s also a subconcious power thing.
    Good for you for making an effort to be on time. It shows character, consideration and concern for your fellow man.



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