The 30-year old speaks…

I’ll elaborate on this more in the future, however, I think the point needs to be made over and over.

The masses must be told.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Orthodox Christians do not have a very good dating website. This is discouraging as parishes tend to have

  • Only single women
  • Only single men
  • Single men and women who are not meant for one another

Today in coffee hour, a mother of 3 college-aged kids asked me, “So how should people meet each other?”

Immediately, I respond, “Get the Matushkas working!!!!!” Giggles. “I’m serious! Especially in larger cities, it’s harder to meet people in other parishes. They need to get together and start talking amongst themselves.”

At this point, another person suggested, “ – but you don’t find people there for yourself, you only are allowed to match up others!”

I exclaim, “There should be an app for that!”

I told those at my table of my plight in earlier parishes – married women would see me interact with a nice guy, but they would only encourage me in the relationship, never him. Hm…isn’t the guy supposed to initiate? (Some of you may disagree, but in my book, yes, the guy should do the initial asking!)

It really wouldn’t take much coordinating; clergy wives know each other and this would give them a useful task for a disgruntled population of parishioners.

They risk being wrong. They risk some hearts being broken. They risk some expectations. But then again, if you let your Matushka/Khouria/Priest’s wife know that you would like the sacrament of marriage to be bestowed upon you, I think you know the risk. Or she hasn’t smacked you upside the head with her wisdom…yet.

So, I beg current and future Matushkas – start chatting a matchmaking OR hire a web designer and decent firm to spruce up Ortho-online dating.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rebelsprite
    May 13, 2013 @ 22:44:31

    p.s. I guess the point of that story was…that sometimes the match God makes isn’t the one we would have imagined! 🙂


  2. rebelsprite
    May 13, 2013 @ 22:42:54

    Just a few comments that may or may not help: 1) You know, priests can be pretty good matchmakers, too 🙂 2) The best relationship advice I’ve gotten has been from nuns! 3) Yeah, you’re right. There’s no good Orthodox singles site, unfortunately. But God has His ways! I began skyping an Orthodox guy I met on a Facebook group a few years ago – we thought we were meant for each other, but God had very different plans. After a painful parting of ways, I began visiting parishes all over, to visit icons and for events, but open to meeting someone as well…didn’t meet anyone. Finally went to Jerusalem on pilgrimage, nursing a very lonely, broken, and hopeless heart. And the most amazing thing….I met that Orthodox guy right there! With his new bride. And we had some adventures together. And they took me to visit a nun just outside of the Old City. I explained my situation, and she gave me some advice, advice that made little sense at the time…but I came home…and was shown that the person I had been looking for all over was right under my nose at home, in keeping with the nun’s advice! One more thing – it never hurts to write a letter to St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco…


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  4. mallory
    Dec 03, 2012 @ 06:49:06

    “This is discouraging as parishes tend to have

    Only single women
    Only single men
    Single men and women who are not meant for one another”

    What is the deal with this? In my network of single orthodox friends, the numbers are even, but I can’t imagine a single good match!


    • TallRayofSunshine
      Dec 03, 2012 @ 18:39:12

      In the words of another friend, “We know a lot of single people, but they all hate each other.” Well, we don’t hate each other, but the implication is as you say, there are no good matches.


  5. philologia
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 22:03:32

    Hell, I’ll chip in for the URL.



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