Pre-Semester Assessment

Well, I made it through 20% of the Accelerated program. The next semester is upon me – quick run down of my classes:

1. Neuro-Psych: After this class, I will NOT, repeat NOT, be anywhere near a licensed counselor, therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist. However, I will have 7 weeks of clinical practicums. The word “crazy” is not allowed in the class, although my instructor has used the words “crazy” and “nuts” to describe some patients. The instructor? I think she’ll be really cool. One of the reasons she is drawn to Psych nursing is that the population is under-served. I have a feeling that I will laugh and cry a lot this semester.

2. Med-Surg I: Medical-Surgical units and floors are your basic hospital units. Some units specialize in urology, cardiology, orthopedic, etc. Thus far, it’s been a review of nutrition and risks of poor nutrition (under or over). We’ll get to more advanced skills regarding diabetes, renal issues, cardiac issues, endocrine function, Gastro-intestinal, etc. in the near future.

3. Ethics: This class is online, and already there are rumblings among my cohort on how much this class will be horrible. We can’t just read through the material and answer questions – nope, we get to post multiple times each week. Joy. To top it off, one of my colleagues asked a traditional track student what their ethics class entails – a couple of papers and class discussion. Ugh. I would take a weekly lecture/class discussion over forum postings any day.

I’m having trouble setting up some good time boundaries thus far. With January being one of my more “blah” months (late sunrise and cold being contributing factors), I have the constant urge to travel and visit others. Yet, if I can say “no” and really focus the next 2-3 weeks, the remainder of the semester will seem easier. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited for school – thankfully, the advisers and orientation staff warned us of the slump. We would feel great at the end of our first semester, then the doldrums would hit this semester through next. I’m glad for that preparation. It helps me put everything into perspective and not doubt that just because I don’t think that nursing school is a joy ride doesn’t mean I’m not accomplishing a goal.

Anyway – I have 15 more days to get through until February. Here’s hoping all the nasty flu-like bugs avoid me and that my flu shot helps with the ones that do find me!


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  1. Anna
    Jan 16, 2013 @ 17:37:04

    Personally I don’t start getting over the winter blahs until after mid-February, once Valentine’s Day is over and the days are getting noticeably longer.



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