You Know You’ve Landed in Minnesota…

…when this appears in the condiments offerings:




TRS is not above self-deprecation. Yesterday, I wrote Part 2 of the DIY Vanilla Extract experiment.

Today, I post a link to what I did after adding a few more beans to the bottle:

The background music is “Adiemus” from Songs of Sanctuary. I believe my comments at the end are sufficient.

DIY Vanilla Extract, Again

Earlier this year, I experimented with making my own extracts. I was under the false impression that 2 vanilla beans would be rather sufficient for the amount of vodka, but I realized that I’m used to seeing that amount of store-bought vanilla extract with the boost of a real vanilla bean as opposed to starting from scratch with the alcohol and vanilla.

I was in luck yesterday in investigating the spice aisle – vanilla beans were on sale! I got 4 (four) beans for about $13. If you aren’t aware of grocery prices in this area – that’s an awesome deal.

Later at home. Here is what 2 months with 2 beans in 750 mL of cheap vodka looks like:


Slice open two beans. I’m still holding out that 4 will be sufficient. I also scrape out some of the seeds.

Shake it up, woohoo!

And hope that the color and flavor darkens.

Stay tuned for what happened about 30 seconds later.

Things I Miss…

It’s a typical night here in Indy. I’ve come home from school; I relaxed and ate. I did my work for the next day and now I’m blogging. But something about this night feels wrong. And once I identified it, I’m not sure how to fix it.

Ready? More


My friend, Richard, is lauded for his nachos. Seriously, these are a work of art and a lovely way to clog your arteries and digestive tract.

Nacho Night is the way to celebrate anything. The most recent being a time with friends and watching the latest Sherlock. Nachos and Benedict Cumberbatch – BLISS! These wonderful things also come out for birthdays, receptions, and any most any reason someone says, “Hey, can we do _____ and eat your nachos?”

Here’s the start:

Assemble all ingredients – ground beef, sausage, blue corn chips, white corn chips, refried beans, taco seasoning, grated cheddar cheese, chopped olives, etc.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Put the first layer of blue corn chips down. Cover with half the beans, meat, shredded cheese, olives, etc. Bake.

Make a second layer of yumminess! Bake.

Frost with sour cream.

Eat. Laugh. Enjoy. Eat some more. Feel your stomach say, “No more! Please!” and your taste buds demanding, “More! More! More!”

Die the sweetest death possible.

The Answer

Yesterday, I posted this:

And asked you to guess what it was. Well…

Summer Party

Yesterday, I showed some not so tasty pictures. Sorry.

Vegetarians, beware. The next 3 pictures are not for you. However, omnivores and paleo folk will be happy!

It gets better


So, in my moving frenzy, I made a mistake last Sunday – I went to sleep. Here’s how last week shaped up:

Wednesday, August 8: everything from my storage unit was transferred to a truck and moved to my house in Indy.

Friday, August 10: I loaded a bunch of stuff into my RAV4, and my goal for the evening is sorting enough in my bedroom so I could sleep on my bed and see part of the floor.

Sunday, August 12: I pick up my remaining items in Bloomington, along with my fridge and freezer items. I promptly bring everything into the house, however, before I remember to put it in the freezer, I collapse on my bed. Since I haven’t been sleeping well the past week and a half, I was up at 4:30 or 5 AM.

My first thought: “Oh, crap! Freezer!”

Things heat up…

Three Decades

Yesterday, I turned 30.

It’s funny how I had the same experiences this year and last year, in that at the beginning of July I felt depressed. I came downstairs a week before my 29th birthday, my roommate said “Good morning,” and I promptly burst into tears. Yet, the day of, I was fine. There’s not a thing you can do about turning a year older. All it does is mark the passage of time.

No rules exist which state that by 23 you MUST be graduated from college and be supporting yourself. Nor that you must be married by 27 and have babies by 30. Nor does anything say that you must get married and that if you don’t get married, your career needs to be of utmost fulfillment so you can have something to stave off those who give you that questioning look.

Anyway, 30 was okay. A few days before, I wasn’t a fan. There had been a lot of transition in the preceding weeks, so yet another milestone of change and life was before me. So, while a friend asked for my love and support in the trials of her life, I also selfishly asked for her support in mine. Misery didn’t love or need company. Two friends needed to share their rough times and know that each wasn’t alone.

My Day

DIY Project: Baking Extracts

I’ve been lost in the frenzy of summer, so please forgive me for the delay in postings.

Even with a limited and not-so-snazzy kitchen this summer, I have found some entertainment and joy in DIY Extracts. YUM!

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