I love the WordPress stats function. Especially the world map where I can see if this blog is being viewed outside the United States.

And it is!

Now, I’m not known like PioneerWoman or any other blogger of recent notoriety, nor do I think that I ever will be popular. But this past month, at least one person in the following countries has visited TRS (No particular order):

  • France
  • Saudi Arabia
  • India (Okay, it helps that I know a family living there, but still…)
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania
  • Australia
  • Poland
  • Brazil
  • Egypt
  • Phillipines
  • Norway
  • Germany

Some of this is due to a post on nursing bloopers being linked on a forum. I got a few followers and hundreds of clicks for a good two weeks. If only i was still interesting enough to maintain a following…

Anyway, this two-time Geography Bee Champion of Tea Middle School (South Dakota) is pleased that dwellers of other nations spent part of their day here. May I be found intriguing enough that you continue to come back.


My First Secular Thanksgiving

A few years back, I told my family that I could no longer travel for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Longer distance and more time constraints with a shift in jobs meant that my schedule wouldn’t allow for both to happen.

I have tried to switch up which holiday I travel, but the past few years, it has just worked better for my logistics to travel at Christmas and stay in Indiana for Thanksgiving. There is no lack of invitations, whether out of concern or pity, so I have yet to wonder where my turkey will be provided….or in the case of last year, rabbit, but that’s another story.

Turkey for me, turkey for you…

When You’re Not a Ray of Sunshine

I like this blogging thing. While few might be reading, I’m enjoying the chance to write what’s on my mind, what’s important to me, and keep refining a skill. As you can read on the “about” page, one my hang-ups in starting a blog was the uncertainty of having something to say that wasn’t more noise over bandwidth. I don’t want this blog to become my pseudo-anonymous online confessional. But I do want to be honest that I’m not always a ray of sunshine, or happy, or even pleasant.

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Thou Shalt Journal

Update: I’m now in Journal #8. Facebook, sometime in the spring of 2009.

Appeasing My Verbosity

Other Tales to Tell…

Quick poll for my fellow singles:

  • How many of you have been told to try or have tried online dating?
  • How many of you have been told this by someone who has never tried it themselves?
  • Anyone been told to try online dating because it’s the “easy way” to meet people?
  • Have you been given a subscription to a service for a birthday or Christmas present?

I’m sure all of us could tell of our successes and woes with various online services. Before I publish past and current opinions regarding my online life, I would like to make a few things clear.

  1. Online dating services can be useful tools in meeting people, especially when your current options for meeting others seem limited.
  2. Online dating is NOT easy. I repeat: it is not “easier’ than face to face.
  3. Online dating services have lead to some good relationships and marriages for people in my family. However, just because you are signed up for a service does not guarantee that you will meet someone.
  4. Online dating is a good way to know what level of relationship a person desires, which is a HUGE time-saver.

So, along with my raves and rants on dating (or NOT dating) literature – be looking for some good times in the online dating logs.

P.S. Feel free to share your own successes or flubs. My first post on Facebook regarding online dating cause a firestorm of comments that still challenge and entertain me to this day.

Friday’s Miracle…

I’ve debated on how to migrate my Facebook notes over to the public sector. Do I do them in order? Should I just bomb tallrayofsunshine with all of them and make it look like I’m a more established blogger? Do I include those from before I became an Orthodox Christian or even a catechumen?

In the theme of anything introductory to this site: I will just do as I do, and figure out the answer when I’m done.

The following post was originally published as my first Facebook note on Friday, September 7, 2007; as with the last post, only a few grammatic or text edits have been applied. At the time, I was teaching 6-8 Grade General and Choral Music near Wichita, Kansas. I was going into my 4th year of teaching a little apprehensive because I knew it was to be my last year of teaching public school even though I hadn’t told anyone at the time. In an effort to discover more of what I wanted to do and have a performing outlet, I responded to an audition call for chorus members in the Wichita Grand Opera.

I was just beginning to wake up in the world.
…and the story begins

I finally did what others told me to do…

But I did it in my own way, dang it!

Over the past two years or so, several in my acquaintance have been asking me to start a blog. As you can read, I finally did.

I guess here is the post where I let you know of the coming inspiration (i.e. “Here’s my little corner of the world…”) or the impending rants (AAAAGGGGHHH! I must let the world know of my rage!) or what makes my life’s journey sooooooooo different than everyone else that I have to take up some bandwidth. Or I could try to tempt you with my domestic conquests or funny stories of singledom and 180-degree career changes.

The more I thought about whether or not to start blogging, I realized that all the noise on the internet and in our lives was turning me away from joining the ranks of bloggers. It wasn’t the actual process or work involved with blogging and maintaining a good blog – it was deciphering whether or not I had something to say. This is completely opposite of my Angelfire site way back in 1997.

Then I realized that in most conversations, I just start talking. And by the end, I have said something; I just didn’t know it when I opened my mouth. Like so many characters in movies and books, I realized that I have something to say. I have a voice. So, whether that labels me a fool or the most unintentional of gurus, I’ll let you decide.

Back to working on my inspirational rant that will change the world as we know it all because I started a blog….


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