My 30s

The narcissist in me likes to see how people find TRS. It amazes me that months after I posted 100 Things to do in your Twenties, people still hop over here because they Google similar phrases.

Well, as of the middle of July 2012, I was 30. I pouted for a week or so before; I lamented that marriage and babies were not mine, yet. But I also feel as though I had some new things coming. A life that was not finished being lived. And an urge to tell those entering their 20s that birthdays are milestones, not grave markers.

So, while not as extensive, epic, or entertaining – here are some things to do in your 30s. Take them, leave them, tailor them to yourself. Whatever you do, live a rich life.

  1. Learn about insurance beyond your car. If you own a home, you probably have home owners insurance – great. For those who rent: renters’ insurance should run about $10-15 per month. $120/year is a small price to pay in the event your apartment or rental house goes up in flames. What about health insurance? Life insurance? Somehow, our generation will pay for extended warranties and insurance on our phones, stereos and other electronics, but we won’t pay a few bucks per month to cover our burial expenses if we die from an accident. Learn what insurance you need and is a good expense (disability, renters, etc.) and which is a scare tactic (mortgage).
  2. Build retirement savings. A little now turns into a lot later. I would like for Social Security (if my generation even gets that in 30 years!) to be my play money, not my utility bill money.
  3. Learn a language where you could survive a day of touring the country on your own – German and Greek are the front runners for me. Then again, Church Slavonic, Romanian, or Arabic wouldn’t hurt either. We’ll see.
  4. Go visit the United States (or other places in your country of residence). South Carolina is at the top of my list as my brother lives a block from the beach – tour guides and place to stay…Win! I also want to tour the West Coast. I keep meeting people from the PNW and California. I’d love to see Napa Valley, the Pacific Ocean, and ride a San Francisco trolley.
  5. Save a few thousand for future education endeavors. Whether it’s continuing education for your job, a nifty conference, or a class at a community college – put some money aside and deduct it from your taxes that year.
  6. Spend time with the next generation. This might be your own child(ren), niece(s)/nephew(s) or young child of a close friend or Godchild. Find something that lets said child know they are loved and appreciated. This doesn’t always have to be an expensive gift. A friend of mine always takes out her nieces on their birthday and buys them a classic book. Once, I took a friend’s daughter out to tea. I try to send my nieces and nephew a birthday card and Valentine’s day gifts. I’m still getting to know my Goddaughter, but if I see a little something that she might like or can carve out time to be at a school program, I oblige. There’s no way I can be the aunt/godmother that I would like to be with distance a big factor. But remember how awesome it was to get mail when you were little? Exactly.
  7. Learn to forgive.
  8. Seek out mentors – personal, professional, etc. Pursuing excellence is an accomplishment in and of itself.
  9. Read a book or two from high school English that you muddled through on the Cliff’s Notes. If you devoured everything from English, get a math book and work a few algebra problems or geometry proofs. Or grab a science book and work a chemistry conversion or rediscover the biology classifications (Kingdom, phyla, order, etc.)
  10. Budget. Save and pay cash for your next car. Work a plan to get out of debt and stay that way. (I recommend Dave Ramsey as a resource, but there are plenty of others out there.)
  11. Conquer a fear whether rational or irrational.
  12. Get some updated photos by a professional photographer. Find someone who goes with your personal style. If you’re like me and don’t have engagement or wedding photos, get some good head shots with a kick. I did this recently in January – partly because I needed some pictures for professional and outside interests, and also because it’s fun.
  13. Volunteer with an under-served population. TRS recommends finding an organization that serves those who are homeless, those who have a mental illness, or those who have a disability. Break your stereotypes surrounding a population with which you have nothing in common.
  14. Love others where they are at.

Any other suggestions, thirty-somethings?


Test Drive

**Disclaimer: None of the below is PG-13 or R-rated in my opinion. However, if you happen to get queasy around topics regarding virginity, purity, sex, and others’ opinions, read at your own risk.**

Grab your cup of coffee. We should chat.

The Ray of Sunshine Opines

My Next 30 Years

I’m still debriefing from my birthday.

I had to look up Randy Stonehill on my birthday. I get what his song is saying, but I can’t relate one bit. I did, however, find out that he’ll be playing in Indianapolis right after I move there. I might need to satiate my CCM fixation for the year.

Then I thought about the Tim McGraw song “My next 30 years.”

I remembered the post on Things to do in your 20s. I don’t think I ever intended to do everything on the list, beings as some of it is humor from the authors, however, I was drawn to the intent: live a life where you can tell stories and convey meaning and depth.

But since I do appreciate crossing items off a list, here’s my update on those suggestions, and some adjustments, etc. How Productive were my 20s?

Change is.

Since my last post (#100), I’ve been moving, hence the HUGE gap in posting dates. I would have much preferred it to have occurred in August, but here I am, stuff packed – yet again – for storage and transport. I’m rather weary of the process. The sorting. The packing. The change.

While I’m not a fan of this temporary move before the “real” move, it is making me go through things. I just threw away about 5 pairs of socks, 3 useless sports bras, 2 well-worn jeans, and 10-15 t-shirts. My thrift store donation box is collecting items exponentially. Later this summer, I’ll be going through the old bridesmaid and prom dresses.

Yet, even though there are these small victories in overcoming “stuff-itis”, the change and transition feeds a part of me that is not content and rather weary. I have an inkling that it is due to all that I’m fearful, angry, and worried about for the summer and beyond. But for whatever reason, it is only slowly coming out. It would probably help if I could allow myself to cry, yet that isn’t coming so easily nor at convenient times these days. More Change…

An Adult First….

So, after my last post about my newest Jeep obsession, I thought about things a bit. I went about my days at school and work, which was rather busy…whew! Now that Spring Break is over, all of my students are back from their travels or health-induced absences. My Thursday is back to its old self!  On Friday, I get to my Home Aid job and hit the ground running. My boss had a temp and possible infection this week, so there has been extra laundry and cleaning to do. I got through most everything with enough time to be let go early. Since I had about 1 1/2 hours before I needed to be at the Akathist service, I decided to test drive the Jeep that has been catching my eye every day.
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6 Years Apart

December 2, 2005: I had my first counseling appointment with a professional therapist in Wichita, Kansas.

I was nervous making the appointment, and I believe I started the phone call with something akin to the following:

“Yeah, uh, hi. I need to make an appointment for….um, whatever it is you do.”
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Hallmark Therapy

From about a year and a half ago, but still pertinent to most any situation. In case you are wondering, I’m almost through the old Facebook posts that I want to transfer over. Soon, it will all be original material. (The crowd goes wild….)
Thursday, 26 August 2010 at 12:51

We all have bad days. If you have never had a bad day, get out from underneath your rock. There are also bad seasons. Weeks or months, hopefully not years, go by and life is handing you one lousy situation after the other.


Still Out There…

I don’t even want to link to the blog where I found the horrible quote below that has been making slow turns in my mind the past two days. A few nights ago, I decided to see what other people were blogging about depression or therapy. After reading a few artistic and poetic based blogs, I saw one where someone actually thought they could offer a solution to depression. Wrong! First, the blog didn’t have an “About” or “Contact” page, therefore, it instantly lacks some credibility. Also, the sentence structure and syntax was horrible. And the point, once you made it through the drabble, was pretty lame.
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Misadventures…Part III: The Sheet Cake

The final installment of a lengthy cake decorating adventure……

For those of you just joining my baking banter, you might want to read about my Thursday/Friday and then my Saturday before you continue reading this note.

While having baked the large Lenten Chocolate Cake (i.e. no eggs, no milk) on Friday, I still had not decorated it. After saying good-bye to my friends, I made a quick midnight run to the grocery store for some more powdered sugar, and then headed home. Mind you, I had just finished a “day trip” to Nashville, TN. Oh, I also was to open The Bakehouse at 6 AM Sunday morning.

My blank canvas for the evening:

Roll that Beautiful Frosting Footage

From Teaching to Nursing

Facebook: 05 May 2011

If I hear one more person say, “Oh, nursing, yeah! You’ll always have a job there,” I think I will scream. If I wanted job security, I already had a decent run with my first bachelor’s degree. Yes, music and arts gets whacked first in school budgets, however, if you are a born and natural teacher, there will always be something to teach. Anyway, here is the latest chapter in the chronicle of how my life has changed dramatically in the past four years

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