The Quiet Man

Hi. I’m feeling better today. I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, and with lecture being boring, I’m finishing it during class. Get over it.

After experiencing dating, romance, and life fiascoes, I have come to the conclusion that men and women of marriable age should partake of the wisdom from the move The Quiet Man.

I honestly didn’t get the premise of The Quiet Man until my late 20s. Despite multiple viewings and giggly conversations and repeated quotes, it just didn’t click. Then I moved and my stuff was to be crammed in with someone else’s stuff. I conceded and put most of my things in storage, the garage, or out of sight. I thought that my things were not good enough and attempted to justify my decision to myself as being best for a peaceful abode. But the result was a feeling of bitterness and constantly being a guest in my own home. Even though Mary Kate is brought to a furnished home, she refuses to acknowledge that it is her home until her possessions fill the space. “Those are my things. And I want them!”, she says in desperation.

Then there was the whole fight scene that I didn’t get either. While funny, I would still think “Why?” In the middle of some of my own romantic drama, it made sense. Sean Thornton needed to prove that Mary Kate was his and that he was standing up for her. At the time, I was waiting for The Idiot Texter to do that for me: make his claim and stand up to anyone who got in the way. Well, in his stalling, he made a HUGE tactical error. (Hence why his name is “The Idiot Texter.”) He was uninvited to the rest of my life after that.

Yes, I want you to watch John Wayne and believe that he really is a native Irish boy who came home to the village where he was born. Maureen O’Hara is wonderful as the snappy Irish girl who is smitten but bound by her cultural norms.

But the reason I like The Quiet Man is that it shows life and love as difficult. It shows the internal battles of relationships. While the movie might have “man” in the title, I think it is equally about Mary Kate (no, I’m not being a radical feminist, FYI). Sean Thornton has his past and new life to deal with through the plot; he thinks that since Mary Kate is in his life, things are settled. Nope. She has a life as well; she doesn’t blindly follow his lead. Go get my things that will make this house MY home. Get out of your comfort zone; stand up to any adversary and claim me.

So, until someone sends a matchmaker my way and asks whether or not I “go for it” (“it” being officially courting), there will be no playin’ patty-fingers in the holy water. (Watch the movie).


5 years ago….

5 years ago, I was anxiously starting what I knew would be my final year of teaching. I was also anxiously awaiting a call from my sister, as she was pregnant with child number one at that time.

And right as I settled in for my lunch hour to get some work done, I got the call. I was an Auntie to a beautiful niece.

4 months old, December 2007.

It’s been great to be an Aunt for the past 5 years, to my sister’s now 3 children and my friends’ babies.

Thanks for making a good start, Naomi! Happy 5th birthday, sweet girl. You are loved!

Happy New Year!

I was sifting through my drafts and found that I had yet to post this goody from WAY back. Originally on Facebook Wednesday, September 2, 2009. I had yet to fully convert to Orthodoxy, but I was getting there. I missed posting this for this year’s Induction (September 1). Forgive me.

====================================================== A Year

More from the Office Clean-up

Last week I posted some quotes that I had hanging around my office/life on scraps of paper. Now that I have a blog, there is A) an electronic place to store such wonderful things and B) an audience for it other than myself.

Anyway, these are from my trying-to-be-snarky-and-survive-therapy phase of life:

Most of these are in collaboration with Wichitabookworm. I can’t take full responsibility, sorry.

Which begs the question: What would you like to see on a T-shirt?


I’m still sorting through the scraps of paper from my move, and some hold massive amounts of sentimental value. My friend, whom I will call the WichitaBookWorm, had some awesome quotes which I kept for about 4 years. Now, all of these made sense in the context of the conversations we were having, but I find them funnier in their orphaned state. Enjoy!

“I tried to put God in a box and got my ass whooped.”

“You will have to pry this cup from my cold dead hands.”

“We’re Evangelicals, we get guilt.”



Test Drive

**Disclaimer: None of the below is PG-13 or R-rated in my opinion. However, if you happen to get queasy around topics regarding virginity, purity, sex, and others’ opinions, read at your own risk.**

Grab your cup of coffee. We should chat.

The Ray of Sunshine Opines

My Next 30 Years

I’m still debriefing from my birthday.

I had to look up Randy Stonehill on my birthday. I get what his song is saying, but I can’t relate one bit. I did, however, find out that he’ll be playing in Indianapolis right after I move there. I might need to satiate my CCM fixation for the year.

Then I thought about the Tim McGraw song “My next 30 years.”

I remembered the post on Things to do in your 20s. I don’t think I ever intended to do everything on the list, beings as some of it is humor from the authors, however, I was drawn to the intent: live a life where you can tell stories and convey meaning and depth.

But since I do appreciate crossing items off a list, here’s my update on those suggestions, and some adjustments, etc. How Productive were my 20s?

Major Purchase or Major Pain

I would never say that I have practice utmost financial wisdom in my life. In the midst of my non-planning, I still have (mostly) maintained several principles:

  1. Save and pay cash for major purchases – electronics, appliances, instruments, curtains, etc.
  2. Avoid debt, even if it could be considered “good” or “acceptable” (i.e. school loans, car loans, etc.)

My first bachelor’s degree was funded by some major scholarships, thus I was able to graduate debt-free from the University of Kansas. Thankfully, I was warned that the poorest I would ever feel in my new professional life was from the first day of in-service until I received my first paycheck. (Jean, you were right!) Yet, never having been seriously in debt, I never seriously made a plan. I¬†kind of saved, but mostly I would pay the bills then buy what I wanted until my checking account dipped below my “set point” then not spend until the next paycheck.

Not exactly the way to win.
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6 Years Apart

December 2, 2005: I had my first counseling appointment with a professional therapist in Wichita, Kansas.

I was nervous making the appointment, and I believe I started the phone call with something akin to the following:

“Yeah, uh, hi. I need to make an appointment for….um, whatever it is you do.”
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Cleaning to Procrastinate

It’s a sad habit I have: when something is looming over my head (i.e. statistics homework for tomorrow *cough, cough*), I clean. Sometimes I cook, but right now I’m on a cleaning kick. Part of this is due to my Pre-Lent house blessing coming up, and I’d rather that my priest NOT see my piles of papers, shoes, laundry, et cetera.
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