Happy New Year!

I was sifting through my drafts and found that I had yet to post this goody from WAY back. Originally on Facebook Wednesday, September 2, 2009. I had yet to fully convert to Orthodoxy, but I was getting there. I missed posting this for this year’s Induction (September 1). Forgive me.

====================================================== A Year


Catching up…

Yep, it’s been hectic around here again, folks. So, here’s another oldie while I continue studying. At least my mid-terms turned out well. I got A’s on both my Statistics and Physiology tests – much needed points for the rest of the semester. So, I’m off to my cloistered dining room with some tea where I will attempt to ignore the pile of dishes in my sink. Until a new update:


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Blah. It gets exhausting not only making the tasty cake, but then to design it, take pictures, and write about my foibles for you all takes an act of sheer energy resilience. That and the overwhelming nature of life at this point have prevented me from showing my delicious experiments.
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The Cake Lessons Continue

Thanks for your patience while I still mix some old posts with new. I made this cake in early 2010. Oh was it good. Prepare to drool.


The first lesson I learned from this cake was to specify the date needed rather than talk in terms of “upcoming,” or “next.”

More YUM! Ahead

Cake Intermission

Oops, I got my Facebook Migrants out of order. Blast! Anyway, here was Christmas 2009 and New Years 2009/2010. Two years ago already! Dang. Anyway….drool commencing in 3…2….


Christmas and New Years Eve.

Let it snow…or not. I finally got to make these delightful things for Christmas.

More YUM! Ahead

Three Cake Weekend

I’m working on some current posts, but they involve some processing-before-publishing. Anyway, enjoy some pics and experiences from 2010 early summer!

As promised in my last note, which was grossly behind schedule, the next events in the cake decor saga culminated in a three cake weekend. It should have been a two cake weekend, but I misunderstood a request, therefore had an extra.

To share some unrelated, but fun, happenings: I found a genuine four leaf clover on the All Saints property! Katie still has it in one of her books, so I haven’t see it since shortly after the picture was taken, but here it is:

Cake, Cake, and More Cake

Hallmark Therapy

From about a year and a half ago, but still pertinent to most any situation. In case you are wondering, I’m almost through the old Facebook posts that I want to transfer over. Soon, it will all be original material. (The crowd goes wild….)
Thursday, 26 August 2010 at 12:51

We all have bad days. If you have never had a bad day, get out from underneath your rock. There are also bad seasons. Weeks or months, hopefully not years, go by and life is handing you one lousy situation after the other.


A Tale of Two Mixers

Throwback to another Facebook post from a few years ago. However, it seemed worth sharing.
Monday, 12 April 2010

There was royal icing; there was color flow icing. There was the reality of me having a cheap hand mixer and the dream of a Professional 600 Kitchen Aid Mixer. There was my stupidity and pride, and there was my boss’s benevolence.

And in the end, there were pretty flowers, basket weave designs, and 3-D objects on my cake.

Icing Awesomeness

Roots and Wings

Facebook post on Saturday, September 6, 2008.

Because moving is a blast.

Life in the desert…

Posted to Facebook on Wednesday, January 30, 2008.


About 1 month ago, I was excited. I had quit a job that was sucking the life out of me, I was in Cleveland having a blast; it was a new year that had many promises and I knew that I was following God’s plan. Yet on my way to the Cleveland airport a few days later, I wasn’t so happy. Granted, it was 5 AM and I did not want to leave the company of The Opera Boy. No, I had an impending sense of doom that morning. Or as I told Opera Boy, “The reality of my decisions are going to be lived out. I’m on the edge of the desert.”

Because sand is yummy…

Friday’s Miracle…

I’ve debated on how to migrate my Facebook notes over to the public sector. Do I do them in order? Should I just bomb tallrayofsunshine with all of them and make it look like I’m a more established blogger? Do I include those from before I became an Orthodox Christian or even a catechumen?

In the theme of anything introductory to this site: I will just do as I do, and figure out the answer when I’m done.

The following post was originally published as my first Facebook note on Friday, September 7, 2007; as with the last post, only a few grammatic or text edits have been applied. At the time, I was teaching 6-8 Grade General and Choral Music near Wichita, Kansas. I was going into my 4th year of teaching a little apprehensive because I knew it was to be my last year of teaching public school even though I hadn’t told anyone at the time. In an effort to discover more of what I wanted to do and have a performing outlet, I responded to an audition call for chorus members in the Wichita Grand Opera.

I was just beginning to wake up in the world.
…and the story begins

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